edible gifting + chocolate bark 3 ways / by Lindsey | Dolly and Oatmeal

i rarely like giving homemade food as a gift, mostly because i know that people's tastes are subjective and i can't possibly know what each person likes!  and also because i would hate to disappoint anyone by giving them something they can't eat (you know, food allergies, sensitive diets, etc.).  so, i usually rely on a this go-to granola recipe to include in holiday gift giving, but this year i decided to switch it up, and go with a no-fail chocolate bark in 3 flavors.  i love how easy it is to switch up the flavors by adding nuts, spices, fruit, peppermint candies, zest, etc., etc.!  here, i've chosen to go with these: 1. a dairy-free dark chocolate w/ cardamom, toasted nuts, and citrus zest.  2. milk chocolate peppermint bark w/ white chocolate drizzle. 3. white chocolate, pomegranate and pistachio bark.  the recipe for these babes, and how i like wrapping edible gifts, is over on Gardenista!

happy happy holidays everyone! xo - lindsey