Banana, Coconut & Cardamom Ice Cream
Banana, Coconut & Cardamom Ice Cream banana ice cream . together. and all breathing a bit easier. this recipe is a quick, dairy-free, banana-based ice cream that's that a frozen banana can be made into an ice cream-like treat. here, chitra flavors the ice cream with . eventually, the banana will become smooth and creamy resembling soft-serve ice cream. pulse the processor banana ice cream-14.jpg from chitra agrawal's new book, Vibrant India. i love a banana-based ice cream for so many sorry for the silence here last week. i had every intention of posting this ice cream recipe, and
banana + peanut butter ice cream sandwiches
vegan ice cream sandwich recipe no dairy ice cream . ok, ice cream, ice cream! this is one of the most creative and interesting recipes i have ever seen . holy s***! this is really ice cream! i sandwiched the ice cream between two gluten free . Caitlin, from the lovely blog, Roost, posted a dairy free ice cream recipe not too long ago. The gluten free ice cream sandwich recipe banana peanut butter ice cream and creamy. then i froze the ice cream, took it out of the freezer, dug my spoon in, and ate a bite banana + peanut butter ice cream sandwiches ice cream sandwich recipe when i read the ingredients, "how will this ever become ice cream?" i thought. by roasting the
coconut blue-barb ice cream (dairy free)
, but how about a more custard-y ice cream!? i didn't even know this was really a thing until blue barb ice cream coconut blue-barb ice cream (dairy free) steps other than just throwing coconut milk + accompaniments into your ice cream maker, but it is of chilling out, we're talking about this coconut blue-barb ice cream today. ok, rhubarb season is adios to those beautiful pink stalks! surely you're no stranger to ice cream - coconut milk ice cream even , a sufficient amount of refrigerator cool-down time, then the 20 minutes in your ice cream maker coconut ice cream
granola ice cream w/ blackberry chia sauce
with maple syrup. the ice cream is a standard vegan ice cream with a coconut milk base. it's creamy ice cream granola ice cream w/ blackberry chia sauce that! just before the ice cream is finished churning in goes the granola, providing the essential granola ice cream ;) happy september, all! xo granola ice cream w/ blackberry chia sauce (v + gf) i used my nut and seed crunchy bits that (in my opinion) all ice creams must have. essentially, i like to call this you're wanting a larger yield of ice cream, this recipe can easily be doubled. | serves 3-4
(vegan) frozen salted s'more sandwiches
season and the sounds of ice cream truck jingles dissipate. so i thought i would go with the rhythm extract toasted marshmallow ice cream (v) 2 cans full-fat coconut milk 1/3 cup grade b maple syrup 1 toasted marshmallow ice cream of things here and make a super-end-of-summer-blowout-ice-cream-sandwich! a kind of sandwich that and ice cream. the cookies can be frozen for a couple of months, and the ice cream will freeze in an air-tight container for about 2 weeks. or, you could mush up the remaining cookies and ice cream, drizzle s'more ice cream sandwiches coconut ice cream
Ice Cream & Almond Butter-Chocolate Cupcakes
remove the cupcakes from the tin and let them cool completely. scoop ice cream onto the cupcake and ice cream , ice cream)! frank loves an ice cream cake. or anything cookies and cream related. me? i could go pasture raised eggs, at room temp 2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 2 pints dairy free ice cream of butter-chocolate cupcakes | gluten/grain/dairy-free i didn't make my own ice cream here, for as we do :) wishing you all a bright holiday weekend, and the best end of summer! xoxo ice cream almond Ice Cream & Almond Butter-Chocolate Cupcakes
Dreamy Vegan Chocolate-Almond Sundae
ice cream super market ice creams, mostly because they're made with a lot of fillers, and refined sugar that of controversy about whether a banana-based ice cream is truly ice cream, but i think it's a totally sundae is banana and coconut based and is a complete dream. i've made banana-based ice cream a while new book, n'ice cream: 80 recipes for healthy homemade vegan ice creams. i tend to stay away from cream: 80 recipes for healthy homemade vegan ice creams to make this sundae a bit more almond-y i
peach, hazelnut + shiso crisp w/ ginger ice cream (gluten + dairy free)
coconut ginger ice cream tablespoon arrowroot powder instructions ginger ice cream in a medium saucepan, over medium-low heat + shiso crisp w/ ginger ice cream (gluten + dairy free) ingredients crisp 2 pounds, (ripe, but firm ice cream maker and churn it according to manufacturers instructions then place ice cream in a and toasted hazelnuts, served up with a refreshing ginger-spiked (vegan) ice cream. these flavors ; plus more for pan pinch of fine grain sea salt ginger ice cream 1 can full-fat, coconut milk 1 peach, hazelnut + shiso crisp w/ ginger ice cream (gluten + dairy free)
Chocolate Freeze 'N' Slice Cookies & Coconut Caramel Sundaes
10 minutes, until slightly puffy. let the cookies cool a bit. scoop a serving of ice cream into a cosmic occasion called for something special. plus, frank looooves ice cream and cookies together 1 pint vegan vanilla ice cream of choice cacao nibs, for topping (optional) method make the ice cream sundae with cacao nibs, and serve similar recipes: vegan almond sundae raspberry tomato yogurt pops banana, coconut, cardamon ice cream
raw + vegan coconut-cashew chocolate milkshakes
as so many people do, i tend get super overwhelmed (probably something i totally do to myself) by deadlines, and everyday life stress. a couple weeks ago frank and i found out the new apartment we were planning to move into would not be available until the following month. while it's something that i'm sure happens frequently, i was completely thrown. what i had planned and scheduled for had totally gone out the window. and as a result, i found myself getting into bad routines and eating poorly; noshing on too many snacks, and finding solace in an apple and peanut butter for dinner. i definitely don't punish myself for these indulgences, because i totally feel like our bodies need an extra food-hug every now and then. but i was finding that these short cuts were having an affect on my concentration, definitely testing my patience, and just leaving me generally moody. i can often fall into these rhythms and i think we can all relate to the ebbs and flows of life and how that impacts our choices and diet. getting back into a more mindful mental state and knowing that what we put in our body really really matters. i've been really making time and focussing more on wholesome home-cooked meals, drinking more fluids and making more smoothies and juices. my pals over at Bai5 have helped me tremendously in that department. their selection of juices are super low in sugar (hello, natural stevia!) and have a boatload of antioxidants thanks to (new-to-me) coffee fruit! so when i add it to smoothies i get the sweetness without the sacrifice. while frank and i have been making our fair share of kitchen sink smoothies with some Bai5 blends - ones where i add too many chia seeds and it quickly becomes a smoothie bowl - i also wanted to highlight the juice in a wholesome, satisfying and snack-y way. i mostly made a milkshake because while i'm making a concerted effort to stay away from sugary things, i still wanted a substantial chocolatey dessert with a cozy feeling to it. it contains a good amount of Bai5's molokai coconut juice, which is somewhat of a sweet coconut water, making that coconut-y flavor really shine through in the shake. i added soaked cashews for a thick creamy base, frozen bananas for that ice cream-like texture, and raw cacao for a super lush chocolatey flavor. that's right, no added sugar in this babe; the molokai coconut juice and banana provided every ounce of sweetness this shake could ever need. and having grown up drinking new england frappes, this vegan version far exceeded my expectations - xo! coconut-cashew milkshakes (raw + vegan) if you don't have frozen bananas on hand, regular bananas will be just as good, but result in a less ice cream-like consistency, and more of a smoothie-like consistency. | makes 2 cups | 2/3 cup raw cashews, soaked overnight 1 cup molokai coconut Bai5 1 small frozen banana 2 tablespoons raw cacao powder toppings coconut whip toasted coconut chips cacao nibs cacao powder method drain cashews and place them in an upright high-speed blender. add molokai coconut juice, banana, and cacao powder, blend on high for 1 minute, until thoroughly blended and smooth. divide shake between 2 cups, top with coconut whip, coconut chips, cacao nibs, and cacao powder and enjoy! milkshakes will stay good covered with cling wrap or in a lidded jar for up 2 days in the refrigerator. *this post is in partnership with Bai5, all opinions are my own more recipes like this: cacao nib coconut macaroons coconut citrus sunshine smoothie coconut blue-barb ice cream
Raspberry-Tomato Yogurt Pops
the idea for this popsicle has been in the works for a little over a year now. it all started last spring when frank and i went for this walk/picnic at stone barns. it happened to be sheep shearing day, so they had a buffet of spring treats, and a raspberry-tomato yogurt smoothie was one of them. if it weren't for the smoothie's beautiful blushy color i most likely would have let it be. tomatoes and raspberries muddled together with yogurt seemed like a bad idea. until it wasn't. i should mention, that i was emerging out of the first, very queasy, trimester of my pregnancy, so i was feeling adventurous. i was surprised by the subtle tomato flavor, the hint of sweet raspberries, and a good amount of tart creaminess provided by the yogurt. it was a welcomed beverage to sip on. since then, i've been wanting to turn them into popsicles. i was too late for billy's #popsicleweek last year, so i started testing this recipe weeks ago in anticipation of today. getting the ratio of tomato to raspberry proved to a bit tricky especially if you're not using seasonal tomatoes. i tested these a few weeks ago with tomatoes from the super market and it made somewhat of a difference. overall, it gave the pops less tomato flavor, and more of a watery/acidic taste. so i would definitely recommend buying tomatoes from a local market, or hot-house tomatoes. but in the end you get a really great mix of flavors that is such a great refresher this time of year. they're also super low in sugar so they're great for kids, or a snack after dinner :) and if you haven't already seen the abundance of beautiful pops gracing the internet this week, hop over to billy's site to check it all out! big summer hugs! XO raspberry-tomato yogurt pops | v these pops have a subtle sweetness, so add more to your liking if need be. feel free to leave off the nuts or replace them with another variety. | makes 7 popsicles | 1 1/2 cups raspberries 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes 1 cup unsweetened coconut or almond milk yogurt 2 tablespoons coconut nectar, more for dipping 1/2 cup toasted sliced almonds (optional) method combine the raspberries, tomatoes, yogurt, and coconut nectar in a blender (preferably high speed). blend on high for roughly 45 seconds - 1 minute, until the mixture is smooth. pour the mixture evenly into 7 popsicle molds. insert popsicle sticks and freeze until firm, about 5 hours, or up to 3 days. pour some extra coconut nectar into a small bowl. place the sliced almonds in a separate small bowl. dip the tops of the popsicles into coconut nectar and then into the almonds. eat right away or place on a large platter and freeze. similar recipes: vegan chocolate-almond sundae granola ice cream w/ blackberry chia sauce coconut blubarb ice cream
chocolate stout skillet brownies
DSC_0384 i think my first baking endeavor was baking boxed brownies, either duncan hines, or betty crocker. i would make them with my mom when i was little, we would load them with chopped walnuts or pecans, and top them off with a dusty coating of powdered sugar. nothing was better! i continued to make them on my own as i got older, often baking them for holidays, and birthdays. i was always successful until i made a series of bad brownies. from those times on i started to make brownies from scratch. as i got to know my ingredients, i loved that brownies were so simple and yet the slightest increase or decrease of an ingredient yielded a totally different, but equally delicious outcome. there's nothing better than a really good brownie! this recipe hails from the archives of The Beeroness. a blog dedicated to delicious recipes, both savory and sweet, that incorporate all kinds of beer. so, who better to turn to when you have a 3 week old chocolate stout beer sitting in your fridge waiting to be used. not only did i love this recipe because it called for beer, but i liked the fact that the ingredients were easily interchangeable. i substituted coconut oil for butter, coconut palm sugar for cane sugar , and oat flour for unbleached flour. the results were really good...surprisingly. i didn't know if the oat flour would make the brownies too dry, or if the coconut oil's scent would be too strong, but both worked really well here. these are not so much a dense brownie, rather, they are a more cake-y brownie. they have a rich chocolate taste (thanks to some really good 70% cacao chocolate) without being too sweet. i urge you not to skimp on the chocolate, the lower the percentage of cacao, the less richness you will have. DSC_0364 DSC_0392 adapted from The Beeroness 1/2 cup coconut oil 3 1/2 ounces dark chocolate (preferably 70% cacao) 1/2 cup chocolate stout 2 eggs 2/3 cup coconut palm sugar 1 tablespoon decaf espresso 1/2 cup oat flour 1/3 cup cocoa powder 1/4 teaspoon baking powder pinch of fine grain sea salt preheat oven to 350° heat a 8 or 10 inch cast iron (or oven safe) skillet, on low. melt the coconut oil on low, once melted add the chocolate - stir until melted. remove from heat and stir in the chocolate stout DSC_0370 in a medium bowl, combine the eggs and sugar - whisk until combined. add flour, cocoa, baking powder, espresso, and salt, to the egg mixture - whisk until combined. now add to the stout mixture - stir gently until ingredients are combined place in the middle of the rack and bake 25-32 minutes - the top should be set when ready top with some almond milk ice cream (or regular ice cream), grab a spoon, and enjoy DSC_0436
Cold-Brewed Shiso & Hibiscus Tea Iced Latte
so i'm beginning to think that this nesting thing is real. for most of this pregnancy i've kept baby stuff at a distance. call me superstitious or whatever, but having baby things around, or calling our babe by his name has sufficiently freaked me out. but all of a sudden it became real the other day. not when frank put together his crib, or when he built his changing table, but a deep visceral, radiating energy flowed over me in a blanket of tears the other morning (yes, more tears. always tears!). among other things, we organized the crap out of our tiny home, bought a super neat organization unit for our 1 closet (this thing has made the happiest ever!), purchased some baskets for the bookcase that will be our little guy's dresser, and went through more kitchen cabinets paring down the many bowls i've collected that took up the better part of our kitchen. and! i'm beginning to think that this nesting thing hasn't only effected me. frank took it upon himself to clean out the fridge AND pare down some of his collection of odds and ends: tools, random USB wires - all that fun stuff ;) he even gave up a cabinet to make more room, big things are happening at love residence, guys ;) but tears and organization aside the past couple of days the weather has been nothing short of perfect! we turned off the AC, open windows and the door to our backyard. there are cool, dry breezes, and nothing could feel better right now. it's the perfect weather to chill outside and #DRINKTHESUMMER! the beautiful sherrie from with food + love got a lot of us blog folk together to celebrate late summer by drinking it all up! the recipe i'm sharing today is twist on a regular hibiscus tea iced latte that frequents my kitchen, but with some shiso (or perilla) that's been growing in my garden all summer long. i wanted to steep it in there for an herbal note, cutting some of the tang. the tea is cold-brewed which means it takes a bit longer (8-12 hours overnight, to be exact), but is so worth it to me. the flavors are a bit more smooth and full-flavored than when brewed with hot water and then refrigerated. i love its creamy quality when the milk is added, it's almost like a tea version of a traditional creamsicle. and speaking of creamsicles, i've also made these into ice cream floats! just plop a scoop of vanilla ice cream over top and you're good to go! ;) happy late summer, i hope you're all staying cool! xo check out all the other #DRINKTHESUMMER recipes: boozy: With Food + Love | Basil Fig Vodka Smash A Little Saffron | Beach Bum's Rum A Thought For Food | Tarragon Tequlia Swizzle Downshiftology | Limoncello Prosecco with Blueberries and Thyme Heart of a Baker | Green Tea Mint Cooler Hungry Girl por Vida | Whisky Peach Alexander The Green Life | Spiced Plum, Fig & Kombucha Cocktail Hummingbird High | Watermelon and Mint Agua Fresca Floating Kitchen | Peach Sun Tea and Bourbon Cocktail Beard and Bonnet | Melon Mojito EGD | Backyard Peach Sweet Tea Appeasing a Food Geek | Basil and Black Pepper Gin Sour Vegetarian Ventures | Garden Tonic Punch Nosh and Nourish | Mango Margaritas with Chile Lime Salted Rims Domesticate ME! | Watermelon-Basil Mezcal Margarita The Foodie Nurse | Husk Cherry Margarita my name is yeh | Choose Your Own Adventure Bloody Marys Sevengrams | Cucumber, Gin and Chartreuse Cocktail Wicked Spatula | Coconut Gin and Tonic Eat Boutique | Sbagliatos and Homemade Sweet Vermouth Nutritionist in the Kitch | Healthy Muddled Blackberry Pina Coladas Chocolate + Marrow | Pequito Verdecito The Solstice Table | Jalapeno Watermelon Cooler HonestlyYUM | Watermelon, Fresh Herbs, & Sotol Cocktail Seasonal Cravings | Strawberry Lime Gin Rickey Salted Plains | Frozen Honeydew Daiquiris The Broken Bread | Honeydew-Ginger Apricot Mojitos Fix Feast Flair | Ginger-Berry Splash Cocktail Turntable Kitchen | Summer Cooler Cocktails, Two Ways Foolproof Living | Blueberry, Dark Cherry and Calvados Cocktail Dessert for Two | Salty Melon Slush non-boozy: Heartbeet Kitchen | Salty Watermelon Shrub Elixir TENDING the TABLE | Raspberry and Fig Hibiscus Cooler Snixy Kitchen | Lavender Earl Gray Blackberry Ice Cream Floats The Bojon Gourmet | Vanilla Rooibos Peach Ice Cream Floats Gratitude and Greens | Hong Kong Style Crushed Watermelon Ice My Heart Beets | Spiced Pistachio Shake rooting the sun | Strawberry Fennel Soda The Modern Proper | Vanilla Bean Plum Shrub Feed Me Phoebe | Watermelon-Cucumber Kombucha Coolers Gourmande in the Kitchen | Stone Fruit Thyme Shrub Soda happy hearted kitchen | Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho with Fennel, Orange + Cardamom I am a Food Blog | Cherry Vanilla Sodas Tasty Yummies | Fig Vanilla Bean Almond Milk Let's talk evergreen | Iced Earl Grey Yuanyang With a Hint of Rose Kale & Caramel | Emerald Beaut Green Spritzer Earthy Feast | Watermelon Hibiscus Agua Fresca Now, Forager | Sparkling Plumcot and Purple Basil Shrubs The Pig & Quill | Brown Sugar Blueberry Pie Shakes Well and Full | Peach Bubble Tea Sweetish Co | The Best Frozen Hot Chocolate holly & flora | Spiced Pineapple Shrub Sparklers with Black Tea + Coconut Let's Talk Evergreen| Earl Grey Yuanyang With A Hint of Rose cold-brewed shiso & hibiscus tea iced latte if shiso is not available to you, you can leave it out all together. it's not the easiest herb to substitute, but if you're wanting to add an herbal note i would suggest using 1/2 cup thai basil and 1/2 cup mint in its place. i steeped the tea with a cinnamon just because i love the taste of it with the hibiscus, but you can leave that out for a less spiced flavor. | makes roughly 4 servings | 3 hibiscus tea bags 1 cup shiso leaves 4 cups filtered water
up island, martha's vineyard
cream and frappes! there were unpaved roads, late nights spent squid-jigging, and others where we station, a couple of seafood markets, and the galley - a place that sold the best soft-serve ice
Cilantro-Watermelon Granita w/ Mint
! similar recipes: granola ice cream w/ blackberry chia sauce mellow melon salad coconut blue-barb ice cream
Summer Fridays! Almond-Blueberry Pie Bars (V/GF)
ice cream (totally optional, but totally awesome!) since it's just the 2 of us, i like to store these crumble w/ ginger ice cream summer squash, banana-oat loaf w/ almond streusel
raw cauliflower couscous w/ cherries + a sumac-lemon vinaigrette
CREAM - hello carvel and ben and jerry's! while i still dream about super-soakers, sandcastles and there would be a spur-of-the-moment water fight. bbq's, hamburger and hotdogs, watermelon, and ICE
Grain-Free Summer Berry Scones
scones peach, hazelnut & shiso crisp w/ ginger ice cream dark chocolate kabocha squash muffins
Maca Cacao Puff Cereal
out of the jar, or to top some ice cream! i hope you all enjoy as much as we do! xo's! *and if you
toasted fennel-seed, yam gnocchi w/ spinach + chive pesto (+ some rad news!)
the hand-held grater (for all the veggies) and ice cream scoop (hello, summer!). plus they're based
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