about dolly and oatmeal


hello, welcome to dolly and oatmeal!  my name is lindsey s. love, i'm married to a wonderful guy named frank, and together we have our little boy, amesy, and our pup, qunit.  we recently made a move to the opposite coast and are currently living in sunny los angeles.  

as you might know, my lifelong relationship with food hasn't always been the most harmonious. i grew up with some food sensitivities but never really paid much attention to them. as i got older, however, and my sensitivities became more pronounced, i sought the help of a life coach/nutritionist.  from those meetings i grew increasingly aware of the relationship between my body and what i was putting into it. as a result, i cut gluten and dairy out of my diet, and while i'm not a vegan, i do consume a largely plant-based diet. since making fresh produce the focal point of my diet, i've come to savor it in its most natural way, and finding that eating and cooking seasonally keeps me in check with a more natural flow of things. whether it's picking up a bushel of apples in the fall, or plucking fresh asparagus stalks from my mom's garden in the spring, i find that coming to food from this conscious standpoint allows me to appreciate each thing nature has to offer.  

you can also find some of my work featured on Food52, Buzzfeed, Conde Nast Traveller, Huffington Post, Gardenista, and you can see additional press here.  my first cookbook, Chickpea Flour Does It All, debuted in April of 2016 published by The Experiment.  

let's collaborate

i'm always looking to work with people on various projects whether it's sponsored posts, recipe development, photography, guest posts, or other related collaborations.  please feel free to reach out, you can contact me here


all photography on this site is taken by me, on occasion my husband gets behind the camera.  i shoot everything with a nikon d800 and generally use a 50mm T1.4 zeiss lens, periodically i'll use the 85mm or 25mm of the same make.    

get to know me:

What did you do before Dolly and Oatmeal?

Before creating Dolly and Oatmeal I was going to school full time (very unhappily) getting my masters in early childhood education.  My then-fiance (now husband) knew my interest in food and photography.  He gifted me the domain and shortly after I started the blog to share and connect with others.

What does Dolly and Oatmeal mean?

It's kind of a basic story. But my mom would always call me "Dolly" as a child (she still does sometimes), and I would eat oatmeal almost every morning. So the two names kind of stuck together, and remind me of cozy mornings.

Why are you gluten-free?

It's a long story, but I maintain a gluten-free diet, in addition to a low-carb diet to maintain and steady my blood sugar.  I am very sensitive to any fluctuations, so keeping my diet gluten-free, and mainly grain-free helps me do that.

Who are these guys Amesy and Frank you keep talking about?

Frank is my lovely husband, and Amesy is our little toddler-man and the light of our lives.  (We also have a little pup, Quint who we also love to pieces.)

Do you shoot and style all the photos on your site?  Are your recipes original?

Yes!  I photograph and style each and every one.  Most of the recipes on Dolly and Oatmeal are original, unless specified.  I develop and test them, and if they're yummy enough, share them wth you!

Did you design your site?

No.  It's a Squarepace template that I fiddled with to get a clean, bright aesthetic that I love.

Have any more questions?  Contact me here, and I'll add them to this page! ❤️