salted dark chocolate nut bars / by Lindsey | Dolly and Oatmeal

greetings friends! i hope you all had a lovely holiday are finding time to relax and chill a bit.  as the new year rolls in i offer you a seriously healthy and wholesome candy bar..? health bar..? nut bar!?  anywho, regardless of the name they're full of crunchy sweetness, and (my favorite) roasty, toasty, nutty flavor! i've been a long time believer in nuts, maybe not believer per se, but i love nuts in anything and everything.  i always thought my love of nuts would someday bite me in ass as i would surely wake up and hear that the calories and fat they contain are just too much for human body to handle.  

as it turns out, just the opposite is true!!!  according to 2 recent new york times articles, nuts are not just healthy and good for you, but they trigger the part of the "reward" centers of the brain (parts of the brain that are usually triggered by cookies, candy, and chips) that essentially tell the body that it is being rewarded with a super tasty snack! so win-win as far as i'm concerned: healthy AND my brain thinks they're yummy too!   (you can find these articles here and here.)  i'm sharing these bad boys over at Food 52, so hop on over there for the recipe :)  

peace + love to all of you in 2014!