...off to get hitched! / by Lindsey | Dolly and Oatmeal

frank and i headed out to the north fork of long island (new york) this weekend to prepare for our big day on July 27th! we have most things taken care of, but the farm where we will be having our ceremony and reception, is somewhat of a blank slate where our wedding will essentially be built. following the wedding we'll be honeymooning in costa rica.    so i will likely be absent from this little space for about a month.   i will miss being here, but i will come back with lots of pictures, stories, some new found inspiration, and of course the best part, a husband!  

i wish you all a great end of July, and a wonderful start to August!  xo

(if you're interested, i'm sure i will be posting a fair share of photos to my instagram feed if you want to follow me over there)

frank and i have had a very subtle flag "theme" for the wedding.  so as soon as i saw these Herriott Grace flags on Heidi Swanson's  Quitokeeto, last year i knew that these beautiful babies would go on top of our cake. 

frank took these shots last year when we went to visit the farm.