homemade pomegranate honey / by Lindsey | Dolly and Oatmeal

i've recently made a small, personal resolution to take more photos, and by photos  i mean ones not taken on my iphone.  when i met my husband he was an assistant cameraman, part-time cinematographer, and a freelance film photographer.   as you can imagine i got schooled a bit on all things camera over the first few months we dated, and i loved hearing his firm stance on analog vs. digital.  a few months in, he took another part-time job at the Impossible Project (a company that bought and took over the Polaroid factory in the Netherlands.  if you haven't followed their story, they have formulated a new type of instant film to use in Polaroid cameras and their own device, the Instant Lab - Polaroid never gave Impossible the recipe for the film, so all the ingredients that went into the film had to be reformulated).  

on the weekends we would go out and shoot the instant film, totally making our dates together that much more fun and memorable.  over time (with frank's help) i started my own collection of film cameras and on trips we would often pack more cameras and film than clothes, but we loved it that way, and have a load of pictures that we're super thankful we took.  as life got busier we took less and less photos, we keep saying we need to get back out there, but i guess i'm starting without him.  i recently began using my facebook page as a space to post photos, it's been feeling way good to chill, and take a few minutes to watch a photo process and do its thing.  i'm really looking forward to sharing more with you all! xo

as for this pomegranate honey, i thought the two flavors would be lovely together, and that they totally are!  the sweetness of the honey gets cut a bit from the pomegranate's sour tones. it's also super fun and easy to make your own pom juice!however, if you're not into the pom-honey thang, i must urge you to blend up some pomegranate juice while these beautiful babies are still in season!

homemade pomegranate honey

makes 1/2 cup pomegranate honey


  • fine mesh sieve
  • blender or food processor
  • large spoon
  • 1 pomegranate (you will have pomegranate juice leftover)
  • 1/2 cup raw honey (or honey of choice)


  • cut pomegranate open, move your fingers around the skin and pulp, pulling gently as to loosen the seeds
  • over a large bowl, flip pomegranate over into your palm and hit the skin with the back of a sturdy spoon.  the seeds should drop out, repeat with other half
  • place pomegranate seeds into your blender fit with a metal blade and blend until there are no longer any seeds with their flesh
  • over the same large bowl, take your fine mesh sieve and transfer pulsed pomegranate seeds into it.  use the back of your spoon once again to push down and extract as much pomegranate juice as possible; discard the leftover seeds
  • in a jar fitted with a lid, combine the honey and 1 tablespoon of pomegranate juice.  cover, and shake or stir contents until mixed together
  • keep pom-honey in your cabinet or pantry at room temp for a few months

enjoy as a savory glaze, on waffles, pancakes, in your morning porridge or oatmeal, or my favorite, in a cocktail!