how to make whole grain, gluten free + vegan pie crust! / by Lindsey | Dolly and Oatmeal

when i was asked to create a gluten and dairy free pie crust recipe for food 52, i was super pumped!  i had been playing around with gluten-free pastry dough for quite some time, but never had the guts to post about it because it can be a somewhat divisive subject; some people stick to age old recipes, others have specific techniques on cutting the butter/oil with a pastry cutter, two knives or using their fingers, etc.  so, not wanting to piss people off, i refrained from posting a recipe (because sometimes food bloggers can bear the brunt of some people's deep dark creepy thoughts in the comment section).

just some things i found helpful:

  1. using a food processor merely butters the coconut oil, making the dough too wet to add all the water that is needed.
  2. refrigerating the coconut oil in flat disk help to make sure that it's cold throughout, then chop into chunks with a sharp knife.
  3.  i found that using a pastry cutter gets the coconut oil into the perfect sized chunks; just small enough that they're not creamed into the dough, but also aren't too big that the dough around it falls apart.
  4. the amount of water used always varies - for whatever reason.  just remember, you can always add more water at another time, but you can never take back the liquid, so be careful here.
  5. use lots of dusting flour! lots. i really like sorghum here because it has a super smooth texture.
  6. and, an angled pie pan works best too; a lip with a 45 degree angle, as opposed to one with a 90 degree angle, is best because less cracks ensue.    

like i said, pie dough is touchy subject, so i merely provide you with the basics of what i've found to be the best pie dough and crust, that i ever thought was possible - flaky and light, crumbly but sturdy, and most importantly, full of flavor!

head on over to food 52 for the complete recipe! xo