ginger-apple crumble pie (gluten + dairy free/vegan) / by Lindsey | Dolly and Oatmeal

today i'm sharing a recipe for this gluten + dairy free/vegan (depending on if you use an egg wash for the crust) ginger-apple crumble pie.  it's my first foray into crumble pie topping, and i can say that it's going to be a staple around here for years to come.  as for the ginger-y apple filling, that's a fave too!  as i've said before, i'm not the biggest on overly sweet anything, so the ginger really balances it all out, all with a hint of spice.   and the recipe is over on food 52 today in celebration of pie week!  also, food 52 and squarespace are teaming up for a few giveaways, so head on over there to check it all out!

a few thanksgiving-y links:

renee's beautiful pie, using my pie crust recipe that was posted on food 52 earlier this week.  THYME marshmallows! this sweet video, family traditions (especially when they involve food) give me the happiest goosebumps!  for the day you needed powdered sugar, only to find your pantry empty of it: homemade! powdered sugar. heidi's  vegetarian thanksgiving dishes. and pumpkin brownie swirly-ness at it's finest!  

happy friday!!! and happy weekend!  wishing you all a cozy one! xo