an easy-peasy weeknight holiday party! / by Lindsey | Dolly and Oatmeal

while i'm not really one for throwing parties, i'm usually my friends' helper when they have shindigs of their own.  the pressure, the lack of time, and the not-knowing-where-to-start all make me too apprehensive to dip my toe in the party-planning world.  but now, as a married lady, i feel the desire to have friends over to our home, share food and drink, laughs and hugs, and be in the company of people we love.  

however, i have yet to invite enough people over for it to count as a real party (our apartment is a bit snug), but random get-togethers have occurred, and when they do i basically freak out about every little detail (which totally ends up not mattering at all!).  so when i decided to take on the role as a planner for a weeknight holiday party, i thought i was totally in over my head.  how does one realistically get off of work and then have time to put a party together!?  

as i dissected this idea, i came up with a solution: weeknight parties are for appetizers and booze, and that's about it!  taking on the challenge of making a meal was not going to happen, so i bought some pre-cut and pre-made items, paired them with goods in my pantry, strung up some twinkling lights, struck a match to some tea lights, and threw some pretty stems in vase!  basically a holiday party in a pinch.

each friday for the month of december, i'll be over on Gardenista sharing various holiday goods. for today, i'm sharing this weeknight holiday party menu, with some tips and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare each appetizer, along with a super fizzy (and boozy) festive punch!

 'tis the season, friends! xo