my cookbook is available for pre-order! / by Lindsey | Dolly and Oatmeal

if you haven't seen already, my cookbook, chickpea flour does it all, is available for pre-order! aside from this being totally surreal, it is one of the most exciting, anxiety ridden, faint-y feelings i've had in my life.  it's such an incredibly scary idea to put something so personal out there in the world, and perhaps be judged by it, but this experience of creating this book was such an overwhelming honor.

chickpea flour has long been a staple in my kitchen since i went gluten-free about 5 years ago.  it has graced this blog in countless recipes, and many times in combination with other flours has given structure, protein, and flavor to certain savory or sweet dishes.  i am beyond excited to share over 90 recipes all highlighting chickpea flour in various ways.  i use it in baked goods: layer cakes, holiday cookies, and a summer berry cobbler.  it's also used in so many different savory applications as well - my favorite is a vegan and gluten-free pizza crust that my husband and i eat every friday night for pizza night!  then, i am over the moon about the countless vegan sauces that use a chickpea flour roux of sorts as the creamy base! lastly, it's highlighted as a soy alternative in many dishes that use tofu - my favorite here is a chickpea banh mi! 

i really took aim to highlight seasonality here as well.  it's such a large part of how so many of us eat and function so that just seemed like an organic way to structure the book. in doing so, each chapter is a month of the year, starting in january and ending in december.  but the recipes are loose and fluid enough to swap out produce that's available to you wherever you are, or whatever season you are in.

also, i had a really fun time shooting and styling this book in my apartment!  i really wanted a lot of visuals in the book, so i shot every single dish giving each one a photograph. the chickpea flour does it all will officially be released on april 5th, 2016 (!!!) but is now available for preorder (here) :)

thank you all so much for your continued support, cheerleading, and excitement! big hugs! lindsey xo