8 Make-Ahead Sides, Salads 'N' Soups For Thanksgiving / by Lindsey | Dolly and Oatmeal

hi guys! popping in here real quick before the holiday to lend some thanksgiving recipe inspiration in case you're in need.  if you're anything like me (a major procrastinator!), then maybe you do ;)  we're having quite a bit of people over this year and all of our guests are pitching in, so it doesn't seem too overwhelming, at least not yet - there's still time!  

my family's general meals tend to made ahead of time, or at least parts of it get prepared ahead of time.  so i thought it might be helpful to some of you to round up some make-ahead side dishes, salads, and soups, that can be prepared (or mostly prepared) and heated up or brought to room temperature the day of.  

i wish you all a lovely holiday.  i can for sure say that i'm so thankful for you all and the opportunity to connect through this space.  big holiday squeezes to each of you! xo

turmeric carrot apple soup

this soup is definitely one of my favorites flavor-wise.  i make a version of this with winter squash each year but  swapped the squash for carrots.  the carrots make for a more subdued sweetness and a thinner consistency which is nice and light for a heavy thanksgiving meal.  mixed together with the tart apple and the earthy turmeric, makes for a beautiful flavor that only gets better the longer the soup rests.  perfect to make a couple days beforehand.

kabocha squash, fennel & ginger soup w/ spicy coconut cream

this is my go-to, never-fail, fall soup.  it has so many bright flavors that play nicely off of one another, and the spicy coconut cream brings it all together.  kabocha squash isn't easy to find everywhere, but you can easily replace it with your winter squash of choice.

charred broccoli & red onion salad w/ shaved apples & arugula

another salad that's heavy on the veg and light on the lettuce which makes for another great make-ahead dish.  the broccoli and red onion are roasted, then added to shaved, crisp apples and peppery arugula.  then it's all tossed together with a creamy lemon dressing.

twice baked sweet potatoes w/ pumpkin seed dukkah

twice baked potatoes are an easy make-ahead recipe for your thanksgiving table. you could easily make these 1-2 days before serving, and once you heat them they will be perfect for serving.

stuffed za'atar roasted acorn squash w/ pepper-lemon tahini dressing

this dish has a few steps, but it makes for a great side, or meal for any guest who's vegetarian or vegan.

fennel-roasted carrot & shallot salad w/ shaved apples

lettuce-less salad at it's best! another super simple recipe to put together ahead of time.  the only work required is roasting up some carrots and shallots, and add ing sliced some apples to it.  easy-peasy.

sprouted brown rice pilaf w/ roasted grapes & fennel

what i love about this dish it that it gives off thanksgiving stuffing vibes without the bread.  and aside from roasting the grapes, it's a one-pot wonder!  and you can totally make it ahead of time ;)

warm fingerling potatoes with garlic-turmeric sauce

if you're wanting to go a different than mashed potatoes, this potato salad of sorts is a great way to get around that.  the sauce is the total boss here.  it's a super creamy, dairy-free yogurt mixed with turmeric, garlic, and a bit of tahini which coats the potatoes each part of the in the best way.