west side highway

:: love :: by Lindsey | Dolly and Oatmeal

this past weekend was a special one.  not only did frank and i celebrate our 3 year anniversary, but we celebrated a year of being engaged.  3 years ago this past sunday we had our second date.  that was a special date for both of us.  by the end of it we had both realized we had a connection far deeper than a physical attraction.  the date started off at the lincoln square cinema to see a movie. afterwards frank suggested we walk through central park. we walked from the west side to the east side, pausing for a moment to look at wollman rink (if you've ever seen the movie serendipity then you know which one i'm talking about).  as we exited the park frank kissed me. a kiss that, as i told my friends the next day, solidified my feelings that this was a man i never wanted to let go of.  we continued our walk out of the park and were right by the plaza hotel, when to my surprise frank playfully threw a snowball at my back.  it was a very silly and innocent moment that i will never forget.  we stopped briefly at the restaurant, serendipity for coffee and dessert.  we found ourselves walking and talking for over 30 blocks until we stopped at a restaurant for some drinks.

2 years later we celebrated our  anniversary by re-doing our second date.   we took our stroll through the park, and stopped at wollman rink.  i turned around and frank was on one knee asking me to marry him.  this year we celebrated our 3 year anniversary by doing the same thing(minus the proposal of course).  it has been one of the best years of my life, one marked by immense happiness and a love i never thought was possible.   i can't wait for more strolls, discussions, movie-watching, hand-holding, picture-taking, disagreements, kisses, and everything else that we share with one another..