a quick visit: Berlin / by Lindsey | Dolly and Oatmeal

all these shots above were taken walking around Mitte.  a part of berlin that seems up and coming - think the lower east side of nyc, like 7-10 years ago.  there are interesting galleries, delicious restaurants, boutiques for all, and cute shops.

some places of interest include:

Factory Girl! - coffee, tea, salads, paninis, light fare.

Shiso Burger - small menu consisting of strictly burgers, recommended is the tuna burger and the chili lemon burger.  plus they have sides of edamame and sweet potato fries, and a small, but nice selection of beers.

The Barn - suuuper cute coffee shop and roastery with a "brew bar" that showcases various brew techniques - for all you coffee nerds out there.  

Strandbad Mitte - aesthetically pleasing, both inside and out.  we didn't eat here but the meat and fish lover would probably find most menu items pleasing.  

Do You Read Me? - a shop dedicated to magazines from around the world.  

the Berlin Wall Memorial is a must see if you're into history or general sightseeing.  we happened to get there just as the sun was setting, which made for some dreamy visuals.  there's also a museum across the street with more facts, information and pictures.  we didn't get to it because of our schedule, but i'm sure it's interesting.  on the adjacent corner of the museum is a waffle and crepe stand.  the aroma alone will lure you in, not to mention how cute and quaint it is. 

we stayed between Tiergarten and Mitte, in the downtown part of Berlin so that Frank could be close to work.  it was a great way to get acquainted with a large chunk of historic buildings and sites, while also being close to a smaller section of the city.  above are some shots of the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag Building.  both were massive and larger than life types of monuments.  definitely not to be missed!

um, Harry Potter called and he wants his train station back!  seriously, the Berlin train station is bananas! it's like the most epic train station i've ever been in.  so clean, straightforward, and not to mention gorgeous.  the design is brilliant, as there are walls and ceilings of glass that allow the sun's rays to stream through, making the most wonderful visual display of shadows and light.  Frank and i were totally blown away - as i'm sure you can tell : )  and haribo gummies for good measure because they're my favorite candy in the entire world!!   thanks, Berlin, you're awesome!