stone barns by Lindsey | Dolly and Oatmeal

i'm always beyond excited when my brother comes home for a visit - it's like i'm 8 years old all over again and he's coming back from summer sleepaway camp and i have all to do to not squeeze him to death and litter his cheeks with big smooches.  he's been more than a brother to me, i consider him one of my greatest friends - when others don't get it, he surely does; and when he tells me something (good or bad) there's no BS, just totally straight up.  but after a few years of him living there, that new norm became life, and i made it through my dreaded brother-withdrawals with the help of facetime (thanks, apple!), some frequent visits to see him, and the benefits of maturing into an adult!  and so after almost 10 years of him living on the other side of the country what i thought would be a terrible thing turned out to be survivable, and may i say really good.  

each time he comes back for a visit we find ourselves at stone barns for a walk.  i like to think of it as a reset of sorts. a place that changes with the seasons, but offers up the good juju whenever you set foot on its grounds and breath in its fresh air.  but autumn here gets me every year. those leaves! the crisp cool air! the scent of cozy hot apple cider wafting through the air!   we were lucky enough to see the last of the tomatoes being plucked, and the remaining asian pears still secured to their branches before the first freeze hit, and a group of farmers herding the turkeys from their grazing field into where they settle for the evening. big hopes that you're enjoying these cozy november days as well! xo

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up island, martha's vineyard by Lindsey | Dolly and Oatmeal

in mid-october i spent an awesome long weekend up on the island of martha's vineyard.  have you ever had one of those places you visit time and time again, where the visiting stopped becoming a visit, and it felt more like home; like a place you felt most understood and comfortable? martha's vineyard has always felt like that place to me.  my parents started taking me and my brother up there when we were little ones, and had been summering up there for most of my childhood and young adulthood.  we always stayed in tiny fishing village called menemsha, where there was a general store, one gas station, a couple of seafood markets, and the galley - a place that sold the best soft-serve ice cream and frappes!  there were unpaved roads, late nights spent squid-jigging, and others where we watched the moon rise over the ocean's horizon.  early mornings where my brother and i would race down to the bay to snorkel and see the crabs wake up.  it was a place where my parents taught us to explore beyond what we knew, be happy in simplicity, and bask in the beauty of what nature had to offer.   

i remember driving home from dinner, my dad pulling off to the side of the road to stare up at the vastness above us.  never had i ever seen so many stars in the sky, i could have lived there, staring up at the night sky. where sometimes my dad would go on about astronomy, the celestial bodies, and yes, aliens.  there were beaches where i learned how to body surf and ride a wave, where my father taught me to skip stones, and where, unfortunately, observed the effects of what erosion and climate change has had on island.  there were so many lessons i took away from those summers, and so many things i took away from those memories that are only now are fully resonating.

aquinnah cliffs | dolly and oatmeal

"Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and dreams of Time" - h.p. lovecraft  

faces + places | an LA round-up by Lindsey | Dolly and Oatmeal

just over 8 years ago i made my first acquaintance with LA.  it was summer of 2006 when me and my (then boyfriend) rented a car and drove cross-country.  my main goal was to get to venice beach where my brother and his girlfriend (now wife) lived.  it was a land of sun, sand, beachy laid-back vibes, and i was totally in my element.  it had been a few years since i was there last, and i was super eager to bring my husband to some of my favorite places to eat and visit.  but i found that after just a few years my diet had changed, almost completely, and the food i was so fond of was no longer an option for me.

i'm trying to refrain from calling this a "healthy, mindful eats" list, but it kind of is i guess. so, i've rounded up some of my new favorite restaurants/cafes/coffee shops/markets in LA to eat, check out, and that are just generally fun!  hope you enjoy! 


good eats 

superba snack bar - offers a bunch of various dinner toasts, snacks, and mains.  not the best in terms of food substitutions, but definitely a fun place to check out. offers brunch, lunch and dinner.

cafe gratitude - first of all, i wish i could eat here everyday of the week - it's that good! their menu items include: elixirs, gluten-free options, vegan options, nut milks, awesome coffee. open for breakfast, lunch + dinner!

moon juice - fresh-pressed juices, small bites - all around clean, earthy vibe for your everyday balance!

axe - organic, seasonal, and all that good stuff.  plus, vegan + gluten-free options - open for lunch and dinner and weekend brunch.

gjelina - didn't actually make it to eat here.  BUT, they have a ton of veggie options, really good coffee with homemade almond-macadamia milk which was quite awesome! plus it's a really cute spot.

intelligensia - a super-future coffee shop, with many cool kid customers (er, hipsters).


venice canals

abbott kinney

venice boardwalk (for laughs), and the venice skate park to watch some serious shredding!

beach activities, etc.,

silver lake area

food + lab - yes. yes. yes. all day everyday!  i wish we had a spot like in nyc.  awesome for breakfast and lunch with delicious sandwiches and salads.  they also have fresh pressed juices, snacks and side salads.

cookbook - a great little grocer/farm market with fresh produce, and made-fresh-daily food.  not to be missed, even if it's just for a visit.

sqirl - so much hype about this place.  we went early on a monday morning to avoid the crowds.  i thought it totally lived up to my expectations.  great breakfast options - gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan items - awesome cold brew iced coffee.

pot - roy choi's new spot in koreatown.  we waited for our table at the bar which had a really good selection of cocktails, japanese whiskey, beers, and bodega snacks.  food was awesome, fun vibe too.  it can get crowded so try to get there on the early side.

guisados - for the BEST tacos i have ever eaten.  go!

broome street general store - a cute place to check out, with various housewares, clothing, food, knickknacks, etc.  very "cool kid" vibe though, beware. 

hollywood farmers' market - not really in the silver lake area, but if you have access to a car i would suggest visiting on a sunday morning.  one of the biggest markets i've been to, with tons of awesome street food, spice vendors and tons of awesome produce. 

farmshop and the brentwood country mart - definitely need a car to get here, but it's totally worth checking it out.  farmshop is a market and restaurant, with a bakery/coffee counter open in the morning and afternoon. the surrounding, brentwood country mart, has a small bookstore, clothing boutiques, a gift/card shop, and a chocolate shop.  

manhattan/hermosa beach area

the source - located in hermosa beach. so many awesome breakfast and lunch items, i literally wanted to order everything!  plus, they have fresh-daily gluten-free, vegan baked goods, fresh juices, and again, really good coffee.  love this place to pieces!

manhattan beach post - awesome brunch and dinner spot with some really good options as well as some awesome cocktails! 


pelican cove (pictured below) for hiking trails and general sightseeing.  totally beautiful!

manhattan beach pier - for sunsets